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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How to Prepare Green Tea

Waktu nak masuh UTM awal-awal sem dulu, biaselah beli stok makanan kat rumah banyak-banyak. And then dekat kabinet dapur tu ade banyak lah teh-teh dari India yang tak dibuka lagi sebab orang kt rumah semua jenis minum kopi. So, since I like tea very much, and tak sampai hati nak tengok daun teh ni dibiarkan expired begitu sahaja, maka bawak lah Mint Green Tea pergi UTM dengan harapan dapat minum teh hari-hari nanti badan jadi kurus.

Last-last, teh ni pun ditolak tepi sebab terlalu malas busy nak masak air. So, sebelum semester tahun ni berakhir, tergeraklah hati nak buat mint green tea tu. Rupe-rupenye kat dalam sachet ni ade bagi steps nak buat green tea. So ini lah dia step-step nak buat teh:

1. The first important thing is water. Try to use distilled water or spring water if possible, but never the tap water.
2. Secondly the water temperature. The temperature should be in between 80 to 90 degree Celsius. The best method to get this temperature is - let kettle sit for four to five minutes after the water boils.
3. Use approximately one teaspoon full or 2 grams of tea per cup to make perfect tea and add a little cold water over the dry leaf before adding freshly boiled water of 80 to 90 degree Celsius temperature.
4. Now pour the not so boiled water on the tea leaves or bags and infuse it 1-2 minutes (depending on the personal preference of the drinker) and ensure that the tea leaves are floating freely in water.
5. After adding water to the tea, cover the cup or pot so that the volatile essential chemical compounds don't evaporate and get lost to the air.
6. After 1-2 minutes infusion remove tea leaves or bags from the cups or pot and wait another 3-4 minutes. Surprisingly it tastes good at room temperature.
7. Enjoy your cup of tea.


Bloody hell. Lamenye nak tunggu teh siap! Macam nak masak daging kicap je.

How to prepare green tea according to my step? Simple. Pour the hot water inside the cup with tea bag and enjoy!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Exam season

I admit. I am a disgrace among the bloggers. I don't update my blog every night. I know that assignments and exams are not an excuse. Now I know that writing IS hard work. Nasib baik tak ramai orang bace blog ni so I don't have to deal with di-mana-kamu-menghilang lectures.

Anyway, as you know, other than monsoon season, we are also have to deal with exam season. This does not apply to university students only. Budak-budak UPSR dah dapat result and tengah bertungkus lumus nak masuk SBP (interview? really?). PMR students just finished their paper and now celebrating their not-so-long freedom. SPM students baru nak sibuk fahamkan integration, human anatomy, newtons law and chemical reaction etc. STPM...not sure tapi haritu baru je tgk iklan exam untuk budak stpm. Me? gosh.. now where to start. Draft for final year project yang tak siap-siap lagi. Pastu ade presentation lagi. Nasib baik tahun ni ade 3 paper je. Kesian tgk junior-junior yang kene amek 7 paper.

But that doesn't stop me from enjoying myself a bit. I saw a couple of movies in my absences.

The first one is RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous) starring Bruce Willis and a couple of famous actors/actresses.

I recommend this for those yang suke tengok cerite tembak menembak and espionage. Honestly, it is quite refreshing because instead of a macho guy who works for CIA selamatkan very stunning sophisticated woman (very much like Love Savage Secret), this is all about an old guy recruit his old team (literally) in order to save themselves being erase by the "wet" team. And oh, not forgetting a non-threatening woman involved in this situation.

Being a chic-lit lovers, of course I won't push aside Life As We Know It. The title of the movie is a little bit long, but hey, if there is Katherine Heigl and the oh-so-cute Josh Duhamel, then the movie is at least bearable.

If you are a guy and want to pick a romantic comedy movie to watch with your girlfriend, then don't hesitate to pick this one. Although it is not one of my favorite, at least the movie has its own charm (read: the baby). Other than that, I guess this is more for the grown up movie because not many can relate the difficulties of raising a child and their tantrum (unless if you have the experience).

How about The Switch?

Oh god. Its boring!! BORING!!! A waste of time and money I tell you that. The only this that IS interesting is the card that filled with sperms. Thats all. Itu pun time awal-awal. Honestly, I won't waste my time anymore talking about it. NEXT!!

The latest movie I saw recently is not Harry Potter. It is Unstoppable. Please, the title is short enough to get your attention.When you see the poster, you just want to know what has Denzel got himself into this time.

Turns out it is another train movie. I guess Denzel just loves the train in Pelham 123 that he decided this time he wants to be INSIDE the train. Ape-ape pun, I know I won't be seeing this movie twice. It is not that boring. Its just me. I don't like this sombody-makes-a-stupid-mistake-and-now-Im-the-one-saving-the-day type of movie. Interestingly enough, this movie is INSPIRED (please note that), not BASED on the true story. It has differencesss ok. The real incident, on May 15, 2001 a 47-car locomotive left Toledo, Ohio rail yard without an engineer and it wasn't stopped until 66 miles later. No one was injured though.

All in all, it is not a very bad week either. 2 very good movies, 1 so-so and 1 unbearable. Ok lah tu..